BCM212 Research Proposal

In order to accomplish BCM212: Research Practices in Media and Communication this semester at UOW, I have to actually conduct a research. Therefore, in this post I will briefly explain my idea, purpose and approach to this project.

This is really frustrating. It’s just week 3 ūüė¶

First of all, I will indicate the idea of my research project. As a young person and a student, future career is always among my greatest concerns and I strongly believe that my peers share the same interest. Therefore, choosing the field of study at university level is an essential decision because this is one of the very last stages before we get involved in the working world and the knowledge we acquire at school takes up the most space in our baggage to start this journey. However,  while some graduates apply what they have learnt into their jobs, others keep changing work areas sharing no relation to their degrees. Therefore, I want to examine how university students make their decision to declare major and to what degree do they consider their fields of study important to their future career.

In some senses, maybe I  applied to UOW only because the campus is smoke-free.

Secondly, let me explain how I came up with this idea. Before I came to Australia to study Communication and Media, I used to be a Business student back in Vietnam, my home country. With the desire¬†to become a businessman, I spent two years on this degree until realizing¬†it was totally unsuitable and gave up. Following my elder brother’s suggestion about the media field which I had never thought of before, I started to research about it, then felt curious and came here. Therefore, I thoroughly understand that there are always potentials for us to be interested in something that stay out of our understanding. This is what Emily Graslie mentioned in her TED speech: ‘You will not feel curious about one thing if you do know¬†it exists’. I relate this idea to the notion of¬†reflexivity as students may make decision to choose field of study based on either their perception of themselves (Soros 2009) (what they like, what they are good at, etc) or perception/recognition of others about them (Taylor 1992)¬†. A person can think of him in one way based on someone’s reflection on him but that perception can change if he comes¬†up with other reflection of someone else.

Somehow true ?

Finally, I will propose my possible approach. My main method will be directly interviewing students within UOW and conducting online survey. The questions will be designed to figure out the following:

  • What factors brought¬†them to the decision to choose their current field of study, and whether those are objective or subjective.
  • Have they ever thought of (or felt curious about) studying something different from their current major.
  • To what degree do they think their current major will be relevant to their future career¬†and why they think so.


Above is my brief proposal for my upcoming research project and it is still early to say whether I will stay with this idea until the end because I may again feel curious about something else based on other reflection ūüėõ


Soros, G 2009, General Theory of Reflexivity, Financial Times, viewed March 8th 2017, <https://www.ft.com/content/0ca06172-bfe9-11de-aed2-00144feab49a#axzz425HnJh93&gt;.

Taylor, C 1992, “Multiculturalism and the politics of recognition”, Princeton University Press, USA.


The journey continues

So finally i came back to the University of Wollongong after a three-month summer holiday that I spent in Vietnam – my home country. I am still eager to learn, eager to write and eager to discover but it cannot be denied that such long vacation did hold me back so I am still not into the studying stuffs.

Coming back to school, is never easy, at all.


I just made a fees payment to the University yesterday so that movement really brought me back to reality, that I am using up a big amount of money here so I got to focus on what I suppose to do. However, it is the University and the Communication and Media studies course my greatest motivation that I finally found something that I love to learn and love to do.

The first week was amazing that as far as i know, the subjects I take this session really into the practical field, which is really different to the foundational ones of the previous semester. One more great thing is that I can come back to writing blogs, which was just a new experience to me since I studied BCM111 last year. Hoping I can make this a new routine from now on.

The BCM112 lecture was interesting that I partly understand what ‘convergent’ in the subject name actually means. It is cool to figure out that media are changing from analog to digital forms, that we are having a ‘convergent’ medium in our pocket – the smartphone which is called by a Japanese name (that i do not really remember the spelling) meaning the ‘always with me’ (thumbs up for Professor Sue Turnbull for providing this in the BCM110 lecture, I will bear this in mind). However, I still wonder that which types of medium are defined ‘analog’ ? Is it possible that maybe in the next century, when we have a much more superior device then the smartphone will be listed ‘analog’ ?

Anyway it is just the first week so I consider it a warm-up week and this first blog is the first getting-ready movement. Australia is a big journey to me, and let it continues.

I will still be eager to learn, eager to write and eager to discover.