BCM212 Project progress update and Communications strategy

As already mentioned in my Research Proposal blog post, I am working on a project researching about the students’ decisions to choose a university and majors as well as the reasons why they may change their choices and how the majors¬†relate to their future careers.

In this short blog post I will not focus on the content of my project, but on my progress so far and communications strategy for the project instead. First of all, I would like to indicate my method to recruit people to participate in my survey and interviews. For my survey, which you can find here, I have put up a post on Moodle, my university platform, embedding the survey link in which I also explained briefly about my project. I have also tried to get more responses by putting the link up on Twitter with the hashtag #bcm112. So far, so good, I keep getting new responses everyday ūüėČ

About my interview, I was a bit worried about how I can find the suitable interviewees. Fortunately, I have several friends whose stories according to my perception fit into the context of my project. However, another problem is that I plan to film the interview so consent can be a potential problem. Therefore, I am fully aware that only by communicating clearly the project topic which is just a daily and sensitive topic can I get their approval. Below is the example of how I contact one of my interviewees (he allowed me to upload this piece of conversation but I will secure his identity).


For the progress of my project, check this chart below for the details of my schedule from the beginning of the project until the deadline, wish me luck and bravery to stick to this plan guys :).


In general, this blog will me my main tool to communicate to people about my project. In response to my tutor’s feedback about my blog design, I have established an ‘About‘ section on my blog including some information about me and my contact details so who are interested in or have questions about my blog can contact my more easily.

That’s it for this time. I will update my progress real soon. Stay tuned !



MEDA101 Assessment 1

For this assessment of making an audio snapshot of Fairy Meadow, I am assigned with Section 11. My first impression of this area is that it was so quiet to find any special sound. However, it was a great luck of mine that there was a school nearby so I were able to record an extra activities of the children which was a football match. That is why I tried to create different segments in my recording which reflects the differences between two streets in the area.

I aimed to make a documentary soundwalk that listeners may feel that they are following me to discover the area. I prefer actual and predictable sounds that enable audiences to imagine the story so I only applied simple effects such as fade in and out or echo. My biggest challenge was joining different short recordings because my process was terribly affected by strong wind so I had to cut off a lot to choose the highest quality segments.