MEDA101 Assessment 3: Moving images project.

My video for this assessment is designed based on a recording for Assessment 1 from David Connick. His work inspires me to describe an area which is quiet and a bit boring at first sight but contains various interesting elements. My concept for this video is the movements of objects, which I want viewers when listening to a piece of sounds can imagine how the objects in that recording work rather than what they simply are. I also want to depicts an area full of dynamics which can be discovered by carefully and sensitively listening and observing. The typical elements of the area depicted in my video can be memories of someone who experienced it before, which I thought of when listening to the sound effects in the recording such as echo or fade. That is why I name my work as ‘Memory playback’, those memories are ordinary at the wide views, but when you look closer, think deeper and recall them carefully, they are full of colours.




MEDA101 Assignment 2

Above is the recording of Eliza Appel, which I found really interesting.

According to Eliza and her soundscape, she wanted to present the concept of dreariness of the Fairy Meadow suburb. She recorded monotonic and predictable sounds to depict a living area with normal details. This inspires me to photograph the ordinary objects of this area which reflect the local lifestyle. As stated by Eliza, her recording conveys the feeling that the lifestyle “becomes distorted and the speed slowed” and it slows down the hustle of the city. Therefore, I took my picture with the concept of isolation (which I was inspired by the series ‘Welcome to nowhere‘ by Trent Parke) which viewers can see the main objects appear lonely in the frame.

In my series, I applied the technique that I kept the colour of the main objects while turning the background into black and white. I also increased the drain level, created dark corner and made a white border to present an old and cinematic effect. In this way, the scenery will look solitary and dreary, which helps me to convey the isolated concept.

Thank you Eliza for the great recording which inspired me to finish this assignment.

Individual images:






MEDA101 Week 6 Workshop

Micheal Wolf Comparison

The photo on the right is called ‘Transparent Cities’ taken by Michael Wolf. The one on the left is taken by my partner Jasper and I in an effort to replicate it.

We find these two similar in framing and structure as they both have grey borders which make the background for the colourful sections in the middle. The middle parts are separated with each other to make a sense of isolation.



MEDA101 Assessment 1

For this assessment of making an audio snapshot of Fairy Meadow, I am assigned with Section 11. My first impression of this area is that it was so quiet to find any special sound. However, it was a great luck of mine that there was a school nearby so I were able to record an extra activities of the children which was a football match. That is why I tried to create different segments in my recording which reflects the differences between two streets in the area.

I aimed to make a documentary soundwalk that listeners may feel that they are following me to discover the area. I prefer actual and predictable sounds that enable audiences to imagine the story so I only applied simple effects such as fade in and out or echo. My biggest challenge was joining different short recordings because my process was terribly affected by strong wind so I had to cut off a lot to choose the highest quality segments.