Attention economy: the new drugs market ?

The Internet has eliminated barriers and made people’s online interaction more comfortable. This transition enables online platforms to develop state-of-the-art recommendation systems to match niche products with niche markets, which is called the ‘long tail‘ effect, proposed by Chris Anderson. Therefore, consumers are bombarded with tons of contents and that abundance leads to scarcity of attention which makes our attention become valuable, according to Kevin Kelly in our weekly reading and our lecturer Ted.

Subsequently, users receive recommendations of everything they consume and their attention will never be stopped from getting caught. The idea of ‘You do not know what you are missing‘ of users is exploited significantly and they get addicted of relevant contents suggested.


This explains why people are addicted to their smart devices. No they are not ! They are addicted to the contents which are connected by them via devices. Eventually, those contents are becoming the new type of drugs, the digital drugs.

Media convergence turns passive users into active produsers. That explains why most of the contents on Youtube or Facebook are user-generated. This reality matches the above discussion: the attention economy is the new drugs market, and we users, are new drugs addicts, and also drugs dealers.

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