Liquid labour: human at heart.

Industrial economy is the result of the purpose to replace human with machines to commit work. There are jobs that machines totally take over human’s role and there are ones that human workers only perform simple tasks at the assembly line. To conclude, it is the era when human is machines’ sidekick.

At present, industrial lab0ur has been replaced by liquid labour who can work across borders when time and space are homogenized in a decentralized and distributed system: the knowledge economy (as mentioned by our lecturer Ted). It is when the main product of successful businesses such as Google, according to Mark Deuze, is connectivity which is created by human as people connect to others. What machines require to operate are only fuel and power, but now employers need people’s ‘willing to work’ (stated by Melissa Gregg).  The situation is reverses: human takes over control.


It is an inevitable transition as human is the center of this world’s operation, as it is meant to be. Nevertheless, it is just a step, into what will be called, the ‘human economy‘, when human is truly at heart.


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