Interview: how has the Internet affected and changed household’s activities and TV space in particular.

This week’s task for BCM240 allows me to have another interesting conversation with Mr Dario, my landlord – who helped me with my TV interview, about his household’s access to the Internet, how it affects his family’s life and changes TV space in his home.

First of all, he first got the Internet applied in his house for about 10-15 years ago and the main usage was to serve education purpose due to the fact that he was studying at that time and there were actually not too many stuffs online. At the moment, beside educational purpose, his family members, mostly his children, or young adults to be exact, are using it for social networking, gaming, streaming – ‘anything’, said Mr Dario. This change does affect the interaction in the house as people are putting more and more attention on online activities rather than direct communication with others, although a rule of ‘no electronic devices at dinner time’ has been issued. However, Mr Dario considers this change as ‘a part of life moving forward’ as young people have to stay updated to newest change of life. He also takes a look on the bright side and realizes a recent phenomena that has positive effect which is the emergence of Pokemon Go, a free-to-play, location-based game which encourages his children to go out and be active rather than sitting in their rooms all day.

Young people gathered together playing Pokemon Go at Sydney Opera House. Source: TenPlay.

Mr Dario also notices that his household’s TV space has changed a lot due to the development of the Internet. The family members still have some time watching TV together but most of the time their attention are put on their smartphones involving in online activities (reading news, social networking, etc). Moreover, they spend a lot of time using Netflix on TV so he thinks the nature of TV consumption in his house has changed as the TV only functions as a huge screen displaying selected materials online rather than showing broadcast content.

Source: Daily Star UK

An interesting detail in our conversation was about his memorial moment using the Internet. Mr Dario excitedly explained to me about the first time he purchased online which he described as ‘an apprehension’ because he had to fill in his credit card details for payment. What he purchased was some canvas prints of his photo and they were sent to his front door from the other side of the world with a relatively cheap price, which made him think: ‘Wow, how good this is”.

To conclude, my interview about the Internet with Mr Dario was really useful in the way that I acquired further understanding about the first stage of the Internet development, which I am a bit unfamiliar with. I also figured out more about how the Internet influences his family interaction, the TV space in his house as well as his perspective toward the transition.

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