Cyberspace: ‘The Purge’ in the making


Above is the trailer of the movie ‘The Purge: Anarchy’. It depicts the imagined future America when in one particular day in a year, every actions  will be considered legal (even murder). Its purpose is to exclude the elements that are considered ‘harmful’ to the state development.

The reason why I reference this movie is because I find some similarities between it and what we call the ‘cyberspace’. According to John Barlow, this is a new world where unsuitable people are not welcomed. In the movie, unmatched elements are excluded from the society for a brighter America: ‘a nation reborn’.


Personally, I consider the process of establishing the cyberspace is actually a purge. It is where people that do not meet the conditions will be purged. It is where data is transferred freely and users communicate uncontrollably, where no payment is made for licensed software, as stated by Richard Stallman. Therefore, if you are not willing to engage, you are out. It is actually an anarchy in which all nodes in the communication system are equal and connected directly to each other.


8 thoughts on “Cyberspace: ‘The Purge’ in the making”

  1. This is an interesting comparison and thoughtful commentary.
    It took me a few times of reading to wholly understand what you mean by “the process of establishing cyberspace is actually a purge” (my tiredness, not your writing), but I think I get what you’re saying now.
    My understanding: Cyberspace, when it was established at least, was unburdened by the political, commercial, and social structures of the real world. It was an unregulated marketplace where value and the terms of engagement are determined by users…a kind of democracy. Thus it “purged” the space of the institutional power and restrictions that traditionally govern offline spaces.
    Haha am I right? I’m interested to know?

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    1. Hi Madeleine !

      Thanks for your comment. You got it. It is a new world as you said: ‘unregulated’ and is ‘a kind of democracy’. The previous space that has regulations and restrictions and the people who are its advocates will be ‘purged’ because they meet no condition to enter this new world. The password to enter is willingness to democracy and connectivity.

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  2. Very interesting comparison but I disagree with you about people who not meet the condition [no payment for licensed software, copyright etc.] are unsuitable for the new world. I am believe that more than half of the population in the world doesn’t have opportunity to earn enough money to pay for all the licensing [computer software, movie, etc.] and I believe that if they earn or have enough money they will pay for licensing. I have one interesting article about “file-sharers more likely to pay for movie, books, games and concert”

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    1. Hey there !

      Thanks for your comment. Maybe I did not state really clear in the post. What I wanted to indicate about the ones who will be purged in the cyberspace is who have already had enough physical condition (devices, software, connection, etc) but do not meet the condition of democracy, which is the willingness to share and connect unlimitedly with others in the new space.
      Thanks for that, I must try to state everything clearer in upcoming post. And I will enjoy your shared resource, an interesting and surprised fact 😉


    2. i just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. i have added to my faursoitev. thank you.


  3. Super interesting comparison, I found it extremely intriguing. Although I do disagree with the fact that differing opinions or users that do not meet the ‘conditions’ are rejected. The internet seems to be a place of freewill where any piece of information (good or bad) has the ability to flow free. While it may not be the best thing, the internet differs to reality as it does not acquire the same laws and restrictions we face in real life making it a lot harder to separate the average person from the ‘rule breaker’, disallowing offending internet users to be ‘purged’.

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