Television memories interview: reflection

Recently I have conducted a interview with Mr Dario, my landlord who is around 50, about his memories with home television. It was an interesting conversation as I had the opportunity to discover about Australian home lifestyle from the perspective of a foreigner as well as to further understand about experience TV.

There are several details in the conversation that I can predict by relating to my own experience. First of all, the TV described was a black and white TV which was the same as what we have in our house when I was a kid. The TV were only equipped with two broadcast stations which finished at midnight and came back early the next morning. I used to experience the same situation as we have really limited choices to watch years ago. Mr Dario also stated that as a kid, he only enjoyed cartoons due to both personal taste and the limited options. This is totally understandable to almost every kid. Another detail is the space where the TV was located was the lounge room with the purpose of family gathering. He used to watch it with his brother sitting on the floor in front of the TV which I can recall because that what I did with my elder brother as well.

One interesting point I can draw from the above details is that if I conduct the same interview with a person younger than me, the family gathering experience may not be mentioned due to the fact that nowadays people are equipped with so many recreational choices enabled by technology (smartphones, tablets, the Internet). Fortunately, I still can have this experience because gathering in the living room watching the news after dinner is my family tradition until now.


Mr Dario also stated that there are lots of stuffs around and on top of the TV, which is another noticeable point. The old-fashioned TVs were square-shaped which was totally different to the super thin ones nowadays. This change in technology changes the space as well as we can no longer see small things on top of TVs such as the remote control, the cigarette lighter or small animal toys.

During the conversation, the point when Mr Dario most engaged in the talk was when he mentioned his most memorable moment watching TV. Due to his intonation and expression, I can tell he was really impressed by witnessing an accident of a man stuck in a snowstorm occurring during the Olympics in New South Wales years ago. It took him around 12-14 hours to be rescued and treated and Mr Dario was so fluttering since somebody kept saying ‘He’ll be up now’ until he really appeared on the ground. This detail was unexpected as I used to think that people will stop broadcasting when any incident happens.

This conversation provides me with precious indications about experience with home TV as I think that technology developments contribute to changes how people consumed television in their house. The space itself may change or people may still sit in the same space but each use a different devices and do not have the same experience. I consider this is a topic that I and Mr Dario can discuss further because he used to talk to me about his problems adapting with new technologies and how his relationships with his kids have changed due to this.



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