Being in media world: get lost in control.

“I am one of the kids that growing up online”.

“I know nothing about life without a smartphone”.

“If i die young, bury me in satin… okay fine, as long as there is Wifi”.

Those quotes above are not for me personally, but I find part of me in those. And I bet that lots of my peers, the people of my generation will find themselves there. This post is about my experience being in a media space, but somehow I can generalize that space is actually my life which is largely covered with media.

With so much support from media, I can control my life so easily. Want to read news ? Go to Facebook. Need urgent food ? Make a call to order. Hang out for a date ? Sit down right there, let’s video call. So easy and convenient. I used to tell my girlfriend, who is currently nearly 5000 miles away from me when I left for Australia that: “Hey love, from now on, we will be in a ‘triangle love’: you, me, the smartphone”. I am being in a media space everyday, because it is my life and I feel like I have total control of it thanks to media.

However, the bad thing is it seems to be the only choice I have. Without media, I get lost. I will struggle figuring out how to do things without Google. My interaction with my relationships will be limited without Facebook. And I would get crazy without my smartphone for no more than 24 hours.

I used to need media to make my life easier, and now I need them to continue my life.




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