MEDA101 Assessment 3: Moving images project.

My video for this assessment is designed based on a recording for Assessment 1 from David Connick. His work inspires me to describe an area which is quiet and a bit boring at first sight but contains various interesting elements. My concept for this video is the movements of objects, which I want viewers when listening to a piece of sounds can imagine how the objects in that recording work rather than what they simply are. I also want to depicts an area full of dynamics which can be discovered by carefully and sensitively listening and observing. The typical elements of the area depicted in my video can be memories of someone who¬†experienced it before, which I thought of when listening to the sound effects in the recording such as echo or fade. That is why I name my work as ‘Memory playback’, those memories are ordinary at the wide views, but when you look closer, think deeper and recall them carefully, they are full of colours.




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