Online celebrity: doing business

In this media convergence era, it is so easy for fans to stay connected to their idols. They simply press the ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ button on social media and celebrity’s activities are in front of them. However, people are still wondering whether what they see of celebrities are real.

It is obvious that people adore famous people so they assume that their idols are outstanding characteristics. However, according to Marwick and Boyd, what celebrities show online are just ‘performative practices’ rather than ‘intrinsic personal characteristics’. I do not mean celebrities are bad, but they are not totally the same as how they behave online.

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However, no matter they are real or not, what they are doing is building a persona – ‘the public presentation of the self online’, according to guest lecturer Christopher Moore. They are aware of the changing media environment and the demand of people to be a part of social networks, said Hansen and Ben. Celebrities satisfy their fans by appearing in the way the fans want in exchange of the fame to build up their images. Simply saying, it is a business.




4 thoughts on “Online celebrity: doing business”

  1. Do you think that celebrities are fair in creating an image of themselves to make a profit? Especially in the case of someone like Taylor Swift who promotes herself as being very close to her fans, and being down to earn- but then attempting to Trademark 1989 and gain royalties from a year.
    I think that, it’s necessary for celebrities to create an online image for themselves so that they are able to connect with their fanbase- and be seen as something more than a star. Otherwise, we’d probably hate a lot more celebrities than we do now. I agree with you; the celebrities build their image and the fans buy into their fame.

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    1. Hi Jess !

      I so agree that it is essential for celebrities to stay connected with their fans through their online personas. We are in the digital era and it would be a huge waste for famous people to ignore the online field.
      One thing in my mind is that, all celebrities have to be careful in building online images because if there is an inconsistency between what appears online and what happens in real life, they could be in trouble once the truth is figured out. Their credibility could be affected though.
      It is okay for celebrities to make profit from creating image as long as they guarantee the will of their fans: you make them believe that you’re good, then be good.

      Thanks for your great comment. I would love to talk more about this topic ^^


  2. Hi there,
    I completely agree with your statement that celebrities aren’t all they claim to be with their online selves. They create a specific image that draws in their fans to serve one purpose and that is for their fan base to buy into their product. But I also believe that it is important to build their persona online and in the real world, to be successful they need to stay connected and build that fan base. I also believe that if a celebrity claims to be a certain way online then they should still act the same in real life. Here’s something relatively interesting you could look at –
    P.s. great post!

    T x:)


    1. Hi Therese !

      I totally agree with your statement that it is essential for celebrities to build their online images to be successful.
      And you are right, they act a certain way online then they should be the same in real life, because I think it could be a real problem if there is an inconsistency between what they behave online and in real life and then people figure it out.
      Thank you for the source, it will make use of it.

      Thanks again for communicating.

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