Collective intelligence: strength in numbers

In this media convergence era, it is obvious that the situation is changing from closed to open. People are more free and flexible to contribute their ideas and express their points of view on any problem. According to my lecture this week, what the media provides are not products anymore but conversations, there is no closure because everyone is equal to participate. This change roots in the establishment of the Internet, ‘the most effective medium for matching demand and supply’.

However, it is necessary to put new media in comparison with traditional media. The new one is living healthily and developing stronger and stronger everyday because in some fields, the contents quality ‘may be on par with that of its corporate competitors’, said Axel Bruns in this week’s reading.

ZdSACm3 - Imgur

Personally, I believe that this value does not emerge naturally or coincidently. It is because of the nature of the Internet: connecting people. One person, a hundred people or even a thousand are not significant enough, but the Internet creates forums for millions of even billions of people (like Facebook). The huge amount of non-professional and professional media users generate, exchange and reinforce ideas to make quality contents. The strength lies in the numbers, that is coalition.



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