Remix, mashup: development, improvement

This week I am looking at the aspect of remix and mashup in music. I personally believe that this process is not simply just mixing features together or adding effects but it is an art. As Axel Bruns stated it is the development ‘from factual material to creative work’, remixing is similar to digital crafting which requires lots of efforts, skills and creativity. We usually listen to mashup or remix songs which last several minutes but the creator of those products have undergone hours to complete them. Here is an example.

Moreover, remix or mashup is definitely an example or even a part of convergence media. Consumers want to actively engage with the media so now they create contents themselves and become prosumers. In other words, they produce media themselves to satisfy their own needs. This is what Yeoman put in the comparison with food self-efficiency, which leads to the ‘read/write culture’ theory.

Here is a video of mine expressing further thoughts I develop from the lecture.



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