MEDA101 Assignment 2

Above is the recording of Eliza Appel, which I found really interesting.

According to Eliza and her soundscape, she wanted to present the concept of dreariness of the Fairy Meadow suburb. She recorded monotonic and predictable sounds to depict a living area with normal details. This inspires me to photograph the ordinary objects of this area which reflect the local lifestyle. As stated by Eliza, her recording conveys the feeling that the lifestyle “becomes distorted and the speed slowed” and it slows down the hustle of the city. Therefore, I took my picture with the concept of isolation (which I was inspired by the series ‘Welcome to nowhere‘ by Trent Parke) which viewers can see the main objects appear lonely in the frame.

In my series, I applied the technique that I kept the colour of the main objects while turning the background into black and white. I also increased the drain level, created dark corner and made a white border to present an old and cinematic effect. In this way, the scenery will look solitary and dreary, which helps me to convey the isolated concept.

Thank you Eliza for the great recording which inspired me to finish this assignment.

Individual images:







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