Harry Potter: the world outside the pages.

In this digital era, it is witnessed that there is a trend called ‘transmedia‘ which can be simply defined as different stories of a content are disseminated across multiple platforms, according to Henry Jenkins in this week reading. In this post I will examine the case of the Harry Potter series to justify this issue.

As we have already known, the Harry Potter series include 7 books in total. Besides, Warner Bros picture has established its film versions with 8 movies. These two are the best well-known categories.

Although the latest movie were released in 2011, the story of the-boy-who-lived has not stopped. One website called Pottermore is established and operated by the author J.K Rowling with the purpose is ‘for the audiences to explore the wizarding world themselves’ – said Rowling. This website is where author Rowling released some sideline stories related to the original ones. Moreover, this July in London, Harry Potter fans will have the chance to experience a different point of view with a play called ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child‘. And in November, another movie of which the story takes place not in England anymore but America long before Harry was born will reach the audiences.

As we can see, Harry Potter is a great example of ‘transmedia’. In the Soundcloud podcast below, I will indicate several implications of transmedia.




2 thoughts on “Harry Potter: the world outside the pages.”

  1. Hi! I loved how you used Harry Potter as an example for this week’s topic as l believe the franchise is really successful in engaging with transmedia storytelling. This blog post was informative on how Harry Potter has reached this success. I didn’t know about the website Pottermore, so that was interesting to learn about. Your SoundCloud provided good examples, especially about the impact of fan fiction. One recommendation could be to add images, maybe a screenshot of the Pottemore website to engage readers. I found a good and interesting blog post called, “Harry Potter and the Art of Transmedia Storytelling” http://blogs.wsj.com/tech-europe/2011/07/29/harry-potter-and-the-art-of-transmedia-storytelling/, you may want to check it out.
    Great blog post and cant wait to see more!!

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    1. Hi Celena !

      I’m so glad you like my post 🙂 Thank you for your suggestions, I will definitely edit the post with a Pottermore screenshot !
      Thanks for the resource. I feel curious right from the title, somehow sounds like a chapter of the Harry Potter series !

      All the best ! 😉

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