Digital craft: Real art

We are living in the digital era where lots of contents we interact with everyday are digital made. Thinking of digital reminds people of notions about technologies, computers and other materials that can be defined as cold or lifeless. Therefore, they do not consider digital media as art.

However, there is an emerging notion called ‘digital craft’ which is defined as digital work that requires time, efforts and skills which can be compared to handmade work which is ‘craft’, stated by Katie Bunnell in this week reading. In this field, the producers enthusiastically create digital products that are creative and amazing. Let us look at this example from Zach King – a famous Youtuber.

We can see that these clips look so real and smooth which means the editor had to spend hours to arrange the materials, set up different camera angles and edit the shots. The whole process creates just 6 to 7 seconds for viewers. These clips are what I considered examples of “the aesthetics of remediation between analog and digital forms” which has been said in the lecture.

No matter what you do, as long as you spend time and effort on it and master at it, then it becomes art.


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