Media half-convergence

It is clear that media convergence has brought about a free flow of information across multiple platforms. People are able to publish various types of contents through various channels and those contents can be produced by themselves. At first sight, freedom of speech is significantly stimulated and all barriers have been demolished.

yxaspiB - Imgur (1)

In other hand, I still believe that this converging process has not reached its vantage point. The main reason here roots from the ‘Gatekeepers’ who plays the role of controlling the flow of contents, according to our reading for this week from Henry Jenkins. It can be said that nowadays the unconventional media (blogs, personal channels) are so developed that it overplays traditional forms. However, I personally think that orthodox media still have a strong position because they act as a recognition for contents published. For example, when the soccer transfer market opens, there are a lot of news and rumours from everywhere. However, those news, even they are correct, are only recognised once it has been confirmed by the official sources such as football team webpages.

In this way, gatekeepers are holding back the convergent process of media.



2 thoughts on “Media half-convergence”

  1. Good use of the meme there. I think that it easily relates to the topic of technological convergence. A shame that you could not get the standard ‘hell’ into the top line but I see space is an issue. The article you linked is an interesting perspective on the gatekeepers of media. And I tend to agree with you that mainstream media still holds a power over new media simply due to its standing position. But I would say that with every day people are ignoring the mainstream media in favour of nuanced and more easily accessible media. Although you probably won’t get to read it this book provides a great insight into new media as it stands today.

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    1. Thank you Tayla !

      I am agree that mainstream media is somehow ignored. I my self don’t even read news on mainstream websites anymore but I approach them on Facebook instead.
      Definitely I will take a look at the book.
      Cheers ! 🙂

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