Media convergence: into the communication maze

A 15-year-old unknown boy becomes a world popstar or an unknown cat becomes the face of Uniqlo, these two cases have one thing in common: they got famous from home-made Youtube videos. They are just two of a thousands examples of self-created contents that spread out in a global scale. All of them are the proof that now people are able to control the media and that is part of what we call ‘media convergence’.

Thanks to globalisation, we have the Internet. Thanks to globalisation, we have more media platforms. Those two factors contribute creating a significantly interactive communication system around the world.

At the moment, people can read different newspapers with different categories, watch various movies of various genres or listen to many songs of many kinds. They can do all those stuffs just in a single tap. They are in our smartphones. We have the world in our pocket and access to it on our fingertip.

That is media convergence: we have what we want.

At this moment, I am writing a blog that can be read by the whole world. At this moment three days ago in my lecture, I was tweeting for the whole world. And in every single minutes, other people are creating contents for the whole world themselves.

That is more of media convergence: we create what we want.

The media power is shifting from the producers to the audiences. It is a business so the providers have to satisfy the users. Users want something, then they are provided with it. ABC readers want to read news on their laptop besides watching on TV, they have an ABC web version. Then they want to access news on their smartphones, ABC makes an app version. In other points of view, media power is holding still. It is the role of people using it which changes. From the examples mentioned above, it can be seen that users produce what they want to consume by themselves. User and producer, we have ‘produser‘.

In this bright side, media convergence is a positive movement. In another not-too-bright side, it can be not-too-positive that contents can be overloaded. Everyone has the power to create contents and disseminate to others so the amount of information is massive. Interacting with that huge amount on a daily basis affects the way we think and develop our own ideas. Therefore, in this media convergence era, it is essential for users not to get lost in this communication maze and create the right content as the key to get out of it.


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