Copyright: being recognised, being remembered.

Intellectual invention it is a kind of property. Furthermore, ideas are invented with lots of time and efforts which have to be counted in hours of neurons tensing. In this way, copyright is a recognition for thinkers. For Thomas Edison who invented light bulb or for Thomas Savery that produced the first steam engine, society’s recognition is their greatest award.


Same ideas are shared between us everyday, so great ideas are shared between great thinkers as well. However, there is the only person, or the only group of people cooperating to create the idea is remembered. Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci both chased for the invention of telephone, but Bell was the only one had his invention copyrighted, and now hardly anyone ever heard of Meucci  (including me) despite how great he was.

Copyright decides who you are, the hero, or the greatest loser.




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