Consuming media: be smart or get smashed ?

So another week passed by and I come back to my blog. It’s been a great week that I finally (or partly) recovered from jetlag and got familiar with a new sleeping pattern (it’s the 90-minute rule if anyone is wondering). That means now I can wake up early on Wednesday morning to attend BCM110 lecture which is way more interesting than listening to it online. However, Game of Thrones is becoming a tradition of this class and I still have no idea of it.

It is obvious that the media are becoming an essential part in our lives that we interact with them on a daily basis. We may use many different forms of media (TV, radio, newspapers, the Internet) or only one but convergent form – the smartphone. The increasing usage of media raises anxieties that whether it makes us better or worse ?

One  problem mentioned in the lecture that I am really interested in is about kids that grow up online. It is pretty shocking to me that this problem seems to emerge around 10 years ago, but actually it has been anticipated since 1995 (when I was born). This problem can be seen anywhere as anytime I babysit my 2-year-old niece, she asks me to show her Youtube videos (Ju-Tut – according to her babbling voice). It is truly a light headache that she is so cute asking me that I can’t deny but the BCM110 lecture taught me that it is a real problem caused by the media.

And here the question is, do the media change our behaviours, or do we ourselves ?

Come back to the example above, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ is my great baby sitting tool that I can just open it on a tablet and give it to my niece then enjoy one hour in peace video calling my girlfriend. In other hand, it’s gonna be a real Hunger game: me, my niece, fighting for the tablet. She has a real weapon, her tears, which neutralizes all my attributes. Do I even have a choice ?


The media do influences me. And I got to thank them for that.

However, we have to take a look backwards. Do the media have the power to force us to do things we don’t want to ? Do the media invent themselves ?

No, they don’t.

It is us ourselves who give up our own power to control and authorise that power to the media. We blame the media because it is never easy to admit it subjectively. Honestly, I am totally able not to show me little niece any Youtube videos although she may cry. However, I can find other ways to satisfy her such as taking her out to the playground, letting her play with my cat or even singing Twinkle Star myself (not smart actually, I sing terribly). The underlying cause here is people’s laziness, both mental and physical.


Media are great extensions of ourselves. Therefore, take full advantage of them wisely. Use them smart, or get smashed by them.






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