A shift in media power

According to Henry Jenkins, the technology landscape is changing. Media content is accessible in many different platforms. Media users are changing from passive consumers to active participants. Beside the producers, the consumers are now also deciding and affecting the media. The media power, is shifting

Credit: munfitnessblog.com

Everyone can affect the media, so everyone can create a medium. McLuhan’s ‘medium’ in the quote does not literally mean communication media but every action can be considered a medium. For instance, US president Barrack Obama when randomly appeared eating at a restaurant, although he did not say anything about it, he wanted the people to know that he stayed close to them and lived a simple life (although his visit cost millions times a burger).

This blog post of mine is also a medium: “I dedicate to it, I want to pass!”.









2 thoughts on “A shift in media power”

  1. This blog post explores a whole different aspect to ‘the medium is the message’, implied messages through expected use of a medium. So, Barrack Obama and his team knew that if he appeared at a burger store, a picture would be taken, sent to Twitter and the world would be talking about it. Let’s imagine if he went down on a burger in his bedroom and there were no witnesses at the time, then the without the use of a medium (apart from his own mouth) the message is gone (eating alone would portray a whole other message to what he was trying to imply). It is definitely a topic to further explore on. Interesting post Lam.

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    1. Thanks Mitch !

      That’s a great discover. So people who want to convey a message through a medium should put in mind the context where the action happens as well right ?
      It is really important to notice the surrounding factors as they affect the effectiveness of the action. I think Obama knows exactly what is going to happen as you said (the picture taken, uploaded to Twitter and talked about by the whole world) before deciding to do it. Keen analysis, isn’t it ?
      Therefore, beside understanding the effect of a behaviour, to be aware of the context or external factors is the key to success of message transmission, or communication in general !

      Great idea man ! Thanks again !


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