The journey continues

So finally i came back to the University of Wollongong after a three-month summer holiday that I spent in Vietnam – my home country. I am still eager to learn, eager to write and eager to discover but it cannot be denied that such long vacation did hold me back so I am still not into the studying stuffs.

Coming back to school, is never easy, at all.


I just made a fees payment to the University yesterday so that movement really brought me back to reality, that I am using up a big amount of money here so I got to focus on what I suppose to do. However, it is the University and the Communication and Media studies course my greatest motivation that I finally found something that I love to learn and love to do.

The first week was amazing that as far as i know, the subjects I take this session really into the practical field, which is really different to the foundational ones of the previous semester. One more great thing is that I can come back to writing blogs, which was just a new experience to me since I studied BCM111 last year. Hoping I can make this a new routine from now on.

The BCM112 lecture was interesting that I partly understand what ‘convergent’ in the subject name actually means. It is cool to figure out that media are changing from analog to digital forms, that we are having a ‘convergent’ medium in our pocket – the smartphone which is called by a Japanese name (that i do not really remember the spelling) meaning the ‘always with me’ (thumbs up for Professor Sue Turnbull for providing this in the BCM110 lecture, I will bear this in mind). However, I still wonder that which types of medium are defined ‘analog’ ? Is it possible that maybe in the next century, when we have a much more superior device then the smartphone will be listed ‘analog’ ?

Anyway it is just the first week so I consider it a warm-up week and this first blog is the first getting-ready movement. Australia is a big journey to me, and let it continues.

I will still be eager to learn, eager to write and eager to discover.





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